What happens after you die?

Who will be around to take care of your loved ones? Tomorrow might not be promised, but the future you care about can be. Wills are your explicit instructions for handling your personal life.  Decide what happens for yourself:

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Should business activities be continued 

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What happens to financial obligations

Small trinkets, gifts, and donations

Custody arrangements for kids

Who takes care of pets

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Housing or real estate

When do Wills take care of tough decisions? Only in advance. The catch is that you cannot predict the necessity of estate planning. The state will make any choices for you that are not made in a legal Will. Why let others take control when you have one more chance to express your wishes? Do not let unexpected events impact the livelihood of your loved ones. Sign up now to start your estate planning

If you want certain items passed on to specific people, you need to detail this in a Will.

Why is it highly important that you have a legally binding Will drafted today? A Will is a backup plan to provide for your friends and family. This is something that is almost never pressing or never a major concern until it becomes vital. Unfortunately, by then, it is likely too late. Act now to create a backup plan. Two common issues:

Issue one

Self written Wills may not be legally binding. If so, your Will has the possibility of not being followed at all. 

Issue two

Families fall apart in bitter disputes over who inherits what or how much someone is entitled. 

It is always better to head problems off in advance. Ensure your wishes are carried out if the worst should come to pass. Have a legal Will drafted by an attorney. Sign up to start your estate planning.

If you like, you can have certain provisions put into a Will as well. For example, you might want to pass on a sum of money to your grandchild when they turn 18 years old. That money would not have a clear purpose without a Will, and might be passed on to other family members, never seeing your grandchild. 

What does a Will written by a lawyer have that a self written Will does not legally?

Self Written Wills (Olographic)

Drafted by Lawyer (Notarial)


Must be entirely written, dated, and signed in the handwriting of the testator (the person for whom the Will is written)

Although the date may appear anywhere in the testament, the testator must sign the testament at the end of the testament

Everything you want should be written in your own hand above the signature

Technically the court may consider any additions under the signature line, BUT it is up to their discretion. Which means it does not have to be enforced.

Two witnesses

One notary

Attestation Clause- A provision at the end for the witnesses and notary to certify that the document has been prepared and signed by the testator in their presence.

Every page initialed by you and signed at the end

Written by lawyers to ensure legal validity



Self Written

  • Free
  • Risk of invalidity

Online Template

  • Minimal expenses
  • Technically invalid- not self written or drafted by lawyer

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Financial concern or upfront costs prevent most people from getting their Will drafted by a lawyer. A common misconception is that it might be cheaper to take the self written or online template route. However, having an attorney involved is what saves your family money in the long run. Any resources you spent to make your Will happen are wasted if it is not valid. 

Say you want to make any estate taxes cheaper for your family. A lawyer could help you do that by including a donation in your Will to reduce the value of your estate. A lawyer not only verifies your Will, they also have the experience to make sure you are satisfied with your return on this personal investment. Sign up to be contacted with more information.


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